The Bioscreen PRO is designed for automating routine microbiology work. It replaces the Bioscreen C which for over 20 years has provided a robust solution to top universities and microbiology laboratories around the world.
A user can dispense any micro-organism with any growth media, and monitor kinetically the culture growth (development of turbidity or color) in 200 wells at time. Most tests run in test tubes can be run automatically on Bioscreen.

The Bioscreen PRO has capacity for two unique Honeycomb plates consisting of 100 tightly packed wells each.  This combined with its heating/cooling incubator system ensures unrivalled temperature uniformity.  The Honeycomb plate is covered with an optically transparent lid with individual well seals designed to minimize cross contamination and evaporation.  The incubator system has a separately controlled heated lid, keeping the top at a slightly higher temperature than the bottom which largely eliminates condensation.  This performance cannot be matched with 96 well plates.  Gas control capability is optional allowing a controlled atmosphere

Bioscreen PRO provides a tightly controlled environment for measurement of growth of bacteria, moulds, yeasts, or spores. Highly efficient, it can create up to 200 growth curves from 200 samples at one time. Just load it, set it, and walk away. Data and curves are stored when you return. Its benefits include:

Bioscreen systems are used in hundreds of labs world-wide for microbiology research, veterinary microbiology, antibiotic susceptibility (antibiotic drug development), food preservative development, food quality control, and environmental microbiology.
The range of tests that can be run on Bioscreen PRO is virtually endless: miniaturized bioassays; measurement of effect of chemicals, pH, temperature and other parameters on micro-organisms; antibiotic susceptibility tests; QC of food (total count) and more. Growth of phage and suspended cell cultures also can be monitored by Bioscreen.

Bioscreen PRO Microbial Growth Analyser
Detection Mode:                   Absorbance
Light source:                         Xenon flash-lamp
Detector:                               Photodiode
Measurement Range:          0 - 4 OD @ 600 nm
Wavelength Range:             360 - 900 nm
Filters:3 standard filters;      405nm, 600 nm & Wideband
    (400-600nm) included. Additional filters can be
    purchased and chosen from 450, 492, 540, 580 &
    750 nm ones. Others on special request.
Incubation Temp.:                15 - 65C / 9C below ambient up to +65C
Resolution:                            0,001 OD
Shaking:                                Linear, Orbital, Double-Orbital
Microplate Format:               100-well Honeycomb 2 Microplate with a lid
Gas Connectors:                   In / Out Quick Connectors, 6 & 4 mm
Computer Interface               Ethernet
Dimensions:                          300 x 595 x 440 mm (W x D x H)
Weight:                                  26,6 kg
Software:                               BioScreener Pro SW (included)
PC Operating System:          Windows 10
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