Bioscreen Applications

Agricultural Microbiology
Anaerobic Microbiology
Artificial Atmosphere
Bioassay of Antibiotics
Biofilm Microbiology
Bioreactor Technology
Cell Biology
Clinical Microbiology
Environmental Microbiology
Experiments with Yeast
Food Microbiology
Functional Genomics
Gene Technology
Growth Media Development
Growth Rate and Lag Time
Industrial Microbiology
Medical/Pharmaceutical Field
Microbiological Assay
Microbiological Research
Microbiology of Cosmetics
Molecular Microbiology
Mutagenicity and Genotoxicity
Oral Microbiology
Post Antibiotic Studies
Soil Microbiology
Spore Microbiology
Veterinary Microbiology
Waste/Wastewater Treatment
Water Microbiology
Wine Microbiology